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Katie Bunschoten

Acrylic, Charcoal

(Currently on display at Mahoganyís)

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Katie Bunschotens PaintingKatie Bunschotens PaintingKatie Bunschotens Painting

†††† Katie is a world traveler and life enthusiast, both professionally and self-taught in acrylic, charcoal, and other mediums. "When creating a piece, I like to use my life experiences as inspiration," she explains. Many pieces are directly pulled from Katie's everyday life. Her unique and bold approach to the brush and pencil is indicative of Katie's desire to portray not only the subject involved, but the vision behind.

†††† Born to a British father and an American mother, the artist started her artistic career early. While living in Northern Virginia, she originally used pencil as a way to describe life around her, preferring to sketch the family horses as they lived on the farm. Later she would turn to painting as another outlet. After the sale of the farm in the mid-90's, many moves and travels to the Netherlands, Ireland and England, Katie and her husband, Marco, finally settled in Kentucky, which is where she is currently pursuing her love of art and creativity.

†††† Katie relies on a strong network of friends and family, without which Katie would not be able to follow her current artistic path.

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