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Mahogany's Coffeehouse & Bar
Vintage 1883

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Culinary Delights!







·  Soft Pretzels   $6.99


          2 large fresh baked Chicago style with mustard or cheese    

· Cheesy Flat Bread     $6.99


Monterrey Jack & Cheddar cheese on grilled flat bread served hot w/marinara or ranch 


· Chicken Quesadillas   $6.99

Monterrey jack and cheddar cheese with cilantro, tomatillos and chicken, served with sour cream or salsa


· Potato Skins   $6.99

Five hardy potato skins stuffed with Monterrey Jack & Cheddar cheese, bacon and served with sour cream . 

· Mozzarella cheese sticks    $6.99

            5 Fresh baked w/ marinara or ranch and celery 


· Muchachos Nachos   $6.99

Corn tortillas loaded with chili, shredded Monterrey Jack & Cheddar cheese, banana peppers, tomatoes and sour cream



   Soups                   Salads                  Sandwiches


· Chili     3.95/bowl   ... sour cream & cheese add $1


· Soup of the day Fall/Winter






· House salad    $7.95       1/2 $4.95            

· Romaine lettuce with shredded cheese, tomatoes, and homemade croutons


· Tomato  salad      $7.95       

· Whole ripe tomato sliced on a bed of Romaine lettuce w/ Fresh Mozzarella olive oil & balsamic drizzled



· Caesar Salad    $7.95     1/2 $4.95 

· Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, with Caesar dressing with homemade croutons and anchovies upon request


· Greek Salad     $7.95    1/2 $4.95              

· Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes with Greek vinaigrette




 Served on flat bread or bun with chips $8.99 sub fries add $2


· Best Ever BLT            Apple wood smoked bacon piled on top of lettuce, tomato and mayo on grilled flat bread


· Cajun Shrimp Po boy          Shrimp on top of lettuce, tomato with spicy Cajun mayo on grilled flat bread


Gourmet Black Angus Steak Burgers


Gourmet Angus burger built on a toasted hamburger bun with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard or mayo w/chips …..Sub fries add $2


Choose…. small $7.99                 medium $9.99                large $13.99



· Black & Bleu Angus Burger   

· Blackened Angus Burger with Bleu Cheese topping


· Greek Angus Burger 

· Feta cheese, sautéed onion, tomatoes and banana peppers


· Mushroom/Onion & Swiss Angus Burger

· Sautéed fresh mushrooms and onions w/Swiss


· KY BBQ Angus Burger 

· Apple Wood smoked bacon & Cheddar with our own Real KY BBQ Sauce


· All American Cheese Angus Burger

· w/lettuce ,tomato ,onion .ketchup & mustard with what else American cheese



· Cajun Angus Burger

· w/lettuce ,tomato ,onion all spiced up with Cajun spices and a touch of hot sauce…more better


· No Bun Angus Burger w/side salad.

· All the delicious flavor of our gourmet burger without the bun.. You choose toppings and dressing


· Boca Vegan Burger

· a vegetarian alternative prepared with your choice of toppings including any of the above.